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5 Amazing Artists you should be following on Instagram


Instagram is a wonderful place. Have you ever found yourself looking at the time only to realise you've just lost 40 minutes down the insta rabbit hole? It is a compelling, enthralling, addictive place to hang out and as much as some people may find themselves feeling bad after a mammoth scrolling session, I often come away feeling inspired and downright impressed! There is SO much talent out there and I wanted to share 5 of my fave artists right now. 


Check them out and give them a follow for some swoon worthy content in your feed (if the algorithm allows that is)

Rachael Sarra - @sar.ra 

Rachael is a contemporary Aboriginal artist who uses her art to tell stories to educate and share her culture. She uses bold, bright colours and included traditional techniques to make amazing that stands out.



Shira Barzilay - @koketit

Shria is an Isralian artist who has a love of drawing and fashion, which when combined creates her very unique style. "The world is my canvas" and this is apparent when you check out her Instagram. Her grid comprises of beautiful photography (usually not her own) that she uses as a canvas for her stunning line drawings... just awesome.


Edith Rewa - @edithrewa

This Blue Mountains based illustrator uses Australian native plants as her main source of inspiration. Her highly detailed and beautiful illustrations are turned into prints, silk scarves and silk tops as well as being just plain gorgeous on her insta feed! They remind me of drawing from a vintage school text book, but really good!


Kit Agar - @kitagar

Kit has a beautiful, highly curated grid filled with warm, earthy blush tones and her stunning line art. This London based artist uses the female form and abstract shapes in her work to breathtaking effects and she is definitely worth checking out.


Katie Eraser - @Katie.eraser

Another indigenous contemporary artist, Katie uses bold abstract art to convey the intensity and complexity of "queer love, queer life and ultimately the undulating journey of being loud and being seen". Her work is definitely loud, but it holds delicacies and feeling in the bucket load too. 



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