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How to hang a mobile

baby mobile nursery

So, I'm guessing that before you buy a mobile, you might be wandering how the heck you hang something like this? I suppose it's not something we do every day, unless of course you work for an art gallery or a hanging chair store.

First I'll list out some things you will find super helpful.

What you need to have

- A stud finder (and no, its not a new version of tinder but rather something builders use to locate a joist)

   If you don't have a stud finder, knock on the ceiling and listen for a short, firm sound—that's where the joist is.


- A pencil (to mark the centre or your joist)

- A drill and small drill bit (the size will depends on how big your hook screw is, you want the drill bit to be just a little smaller)

- A hook, (usually a standard cup hook will do)

- Some fishing line

- Something to stand on - preferably a strong handsome man called José that will let you climb on his back, but if you're super unlucky a step ladder will do.

What you need to do

First, find a location where there will be enough room for your mobile to move freely with out bumping into any walls or being low enough for people to walk into.

Next jump up on Josés back, (or climb your step ladder) and use your stud finder to locate the joist. That's the wooden beam that runs across your ceiling. Once you've found this, figure out where the centre of that beam is and mark a little dot with your pencil.


Then, grab your drill and drill a pilot hole using a drill bit (smaller than your hook thread) where you marked the dot. After this you can screw in your cup hook by hand until it's flush with the ceiling.

Next take your fishing line and thread it through the soldered top ring of the mobile, tie it to your desired length, tie a strong knot and loop it over the hook....

Sit back and enjoy the show!

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  • To hang a mobile, use adhesive hooks or phone holders designed for walls. Ensure a clean, dry surface and follow instructions carefully for secure mounting.


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