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Mobile #004
Mobile #004
Mobile #004
Mobile #004

Mobile #004

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This mobile has been hand crafted from solid brass.

It has 3 curved arms holding 6 individual, hand-cut shapes, delicately balanced in a horizontal style to create movement and fluidity.

It is a one-of-a-kid design, so this means there will never be another piece like this made again making it a truely unique piece of moving art. 

It measures appropriately 40cm across x 75cm down


To see this mobile (and others) in action, check this out - and follow along for more fun and new designs.




All pieces are made of solid Brass! Remember that this beautiful material is subject to some natural discolouration over time, when exposed to air. All brass is double coated with high grade lacquer, but even this has limitations and may wear with varying amounts of use and environmental factors. Whilst brass will last for many years, the lacquered finish cannot be guaranteed unconditionally. So I recommend you embrace the beauty of your brass pieces natural colour, now and over the years…


For a step by step guid how to hang your mobile, take a look at this:



Make sure to keep your mobile out of reach from tiny hands. Do not hang above where a baby or child would sleep. Safety first! I suggest using clear fishing wire to hang your mobile as it is both strong and subtle.