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Rattan x Brass Eucalyptus Mobile
Rattan x Brass Eucalyptus Mobile

Rattan x Brass Eucalyptus Mobile

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This unique brass mobile was inspired by nature, specifically the beautiful leaves of the eucalyptus tree. Each little leaf is made by hand and hung on a brass bar suspended from a rattan ring.

This is a perfect addition for an insta-worthy rattan nursery or can look just as beautiful in any part of the home (I have this one in my kitchen!)

As rattan is a natural product, some of the rings may have darker wood in some places - (Sorry but I don’t make this part!)


The rattan ring is 30cm across and the brass branches are approximately 40-45cm in length.


For a step by step guide how to hang your mobile, take a look at this:



Please note, I am currently taking around 3-6 weeks to get pieces made. Thanks so much for understanding the handmade nature of the product  

Also please note, international orders are taking longer than normal to arrive due to covid-19 -  sadly this is out of my control. It can take anywhere from 3-8 weeks for pieces to arrive